Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield
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DaveMy story may not be anything more than you might already expect. I started my company, DLI, Inc., in 1990 with the intention of having a commercial cleaning business. For several years, I cleaned windows, gutters and even some large commercial business complexes.

After a few years of cleaning gutters, I had seen numerous types of gutter guards--guards made to keep out leaves, sticks, pine cones--guards made of hybrid plastics, soft rubber, even metal--even guards that fit into the downspouts, which still leave the gutter needing to be cleaned. And despite all the homeowners who had these various gutter guards, gutter covers and screens made to keep your downspouts clean, I was still being called to clean their gutters on a regular basis.

One afternoon while in the garage, I came up with my idea...

We tested Sentinel® for 4 years to be sure it would stand up to the wind, rain, summer heat and winter snow. I spoke with a friend of mine who held several patents within the medical industry. He looked into my gutters and saw how clean they were despite the incredible amount of Douglas Fir trees around my house and asked me how long I had been testing the product. He had no doubt that I needed to obtain a patent for this product and put me in touch with his patent attorney. I then applied for, and received, the patent for Sentinel® and as they say, the rest is history.

My name is Dave. I invented Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield.

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