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How to measure for correct width and length of Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield

Step 1
Measure from the rear of your gutter to the front edge of the gutter (as shown in Fig 3.). This will determine the correct width of the gutter. Either 4 inch - 4 1/2 inch - 5 inch - 6 inch widths


Step 2
Measure the total length of the linear feet of gutter you want to be covered. Then add 10% for overlapping the ends of each piece of Sentinel
® Gutter Debris Shield (as shown in Fig 4).

180ft total linear feet of gutters
18ft adding 10% extra

  198ft Total feet needed of Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield

Note: The added 10% accounts for the overlap of two(2) inches at the end of each piece of Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield

Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield Half-Round Gutter Support Bracket**

One Sentinel® Gutter Support Bracket will fit any of the following gutter widths:

**Patent Pending


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