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half-round Gutter Bracket Instructions
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Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Step 1
Slide the long edge of Sentinel
® Gutter Debris Shield under the edge of the roofing material, as shown in Figure 1.

Step 2
Tuck or press firmly the opposite long edge of Sentinel
® Gutter Debris Shield under the top edge of the gutter rim beginning at one end of Sentinel® and pressing firmly to its opposite end.

Step 3
Overlap the ends of each section of the Sentinel
® Gutter Debris Shield approximately two (2) inches.

  • When overlapping Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield, be certain to overlap the section of Sentinel® that is farthest from a gutter spike (or, "under-lap" the section of Sentinel® that is closest to a gutter spike). This will ensure a proper and more effective seal of the Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield. Continue steps 1, 2, and 3 for each additional section.

  • Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield is to be installed so it is resting on top of the gutter spikes as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

  • To cut or shorten the length of an individual piece of Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield, use metal-cutting scissors or tin-snips.

  • DLI, Inc. recommends that gutter support spikes be placed approximately every 18 to 24 inches. This support will ensure a stronger and longer lasting clean gutter system.

  • CAUTION: Always use properly suited safety gloves and eyewear when handling sharp metal objects.

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® Gutter Debris Shield
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