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Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield Half-Round Gutter Support Bracket** INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

  • Read all instructions before beginning installation.
  • Make sure all debris has been removed from gutter system. Gutters and downspouts should be flushed thoroughly with water to ensure proper gutter system flow.

Step 1
Slide apart the half-round support bracket and place on top of half-round gutter. Fit the correct size curved end of bracket to the appropriate and matching size curve of gutter lip.

Step 2
Slide bracket together so as to have a tight fit on the front and rear lip of the half-round gutter as seen in Figure 1.

Step 3
Depress the locking tab through the aligned slot as seen in Figure 2.

  • Sentinel® half-round gutter support brackets should be spaced approximately every 18 inches apart.

Installing Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield onto Half-Round Gutters

Step 4
Place Sentinel® on top of the Half-Round Gutter Support Bracket ensuring Sentinel® is tightly fitted against the inside edge of the rear support tab first, as seen in Figure 2.

Step 5
Then slightly compress Sentinel® so as to place the front edge of Sentinel® against the inside edge of the front support tab, as seen in Figure 2.

Step 6
Firmly press Bracket tabs on top side of Bracket, front and rear, against Sentinel® to secure gutter shield is held in place. (Figure 2)

  • To cut or shorten the length of an individual piece of Sentinel®, use metal-cutting scissors or tin snips.
  • Each section of Sentinel® should be overlapped approximately every two (2) inches.


CAUTION: Always use properly suited safety gloves and eyewear when handling sharp metal objects.


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