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Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield Half-Round Gutter Support Bracket

As a manufacturer of half-round gutter systems, there are some difficulties in finding an effective gutter guard to keep half-round gutters clean.

DLI, Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying its very own patented product, Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield, to many gutter companies across the United States . This product has been installed in fascia and K-style gutters with great success. DLI, Inc. now makes Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield available for installation in half-round gutters with its new bracket, Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield Half-Round Gutter Support Bracket.

This new bracket, with its patented design, will ensure a tight and secure fit for Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield installations in half-round gutters from 4 to 7½ inches wide. Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield, with its unique convex design, will allow water to flow into the half-round gutter system while keeping debris such as leaves and needles from entering and clogging up the gutter system.

The Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield Half-Round Gutter Support Bracket is made in both aluminum and copper styles, depending on what type of half-round gutter you are using. The bracket is designed to be its own securing device when attached to a half-round gutter, which eliminates the need for any screws, nails or tools for its installation.


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