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Do your gutters overflow each time it rains? 

Does water run over your gutters and into your flower beds making that large mud puddle which splatters onto your house in a rain shower? 

Do you dread having to climb the ladder thirty feet in the air onto your slippery roof just to clean out six months worth of pine needles, leaves, and whirly-birds from your neighbors trees that have clogged up your gutter? 

Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield is your answer to a clean gutter system.

 This unique and innovative design in gutter debris  build-up prevention is unmatched in its ability to  eliminate the smallest of debris, including small pine and  fir tree needles from entering your homes' gutter system. Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield is a combination of galvanized steel and aluminum that fits into your existing gutter system.

 Sentinel's® patented convex design and its rustproof metal alloys have created a system whereby debris is easily separated from the water.  The tiny perforated holes allow air to dry the debris on top of the shield, which is held from entering the gutter system.  It is then easily blown away from the gutter with a mild breeze.

It is currently manufactured in 3-foot lengths.  Sentinel® Gutter Debris Shield is also available in a copper design for copper gutters.  Larger sizes are available upon special request to fit the varying gutters that exist on today's homes.


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® Gutter Debris Shield
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